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Burns Bridge



The Burns Bridge is located on the Burns Road about 100 meters from the Smallian Road, and also crosses the Blanche River.  At one time the local people referred to the road and bridge as the “Frank Teske Bridge” on the Frank Teske Road.  The bridge was originally built on the farm of Frank Teske.  Frank’s brother, Alfred owned the next farm.  Both brothers raised their families on the farms.  By the time the Municipality named the road, Frank and Alfred had passed away and Frank’s farm had been sold.


Harold and Annie Burns owned a farm further up the road where they raised twin daughters, Erma and Agnes.  Because they were longtime residents still living on the road, the Municipality named the road after them.


The Historical Society had difficulty naming the bridge.  We discussed changing it back to Frank Teske Bridge but decided having two bridges with Teske as part of the name would be confusing.  We also felt that one-name bridges would be better.  Therefore, it was decided to keep the name Burns for the bridge and road.


There is a Roos Road running off the Burns road about 100 meters from the bridge.  The original Roos Road branched off about 10 meters from the bridge and closely followed the riverbank.  In a spring runoff in the mid 1950s, because of the sandy soil, a part of the road slid into the river.  This road was closed and the current Roos Road was made.


The water on the lower side of the bridge “was” deep enough to safely jump off the bridge.  In the warm days of July and August, it was common to see the bridge being used as a swimming platform.

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