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The Mulgrave & Derry Historical Society compiled a list of men and women who originally came from Mulgrave-et-Derry and have served or are currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. It is a living document and additional information is welcomed. 

Thank you to all who have contributed towards this project


This initiative aims at depicting historical place names used in the past. The MULGRAVE signs have been installed! Look for those brown landmarks on your way through the municipality. We will be identifying suitable locations in the DERRY sector for future signs. Suggestions are welcomed.

Please visit Bridges and Landmarks Signs in our IMAGE GALLERY and read the anecdote written in 2018 by Don Smallian - a local of Mulgrave and past President of the Historical Society.

canton Derry official map 1945.png

Maps of Mulgrave and of Derry, showing land owners, are available for purchase. Sources used were List of Lands Granted by the Province of Quebec from 1763 to December 1890; 1871 Census and 1909 Census. 

Click PURCHASE in the main menu for information on how you can buy a map. 


Photo Boards

Since 2000, many photo boards have been laminated and hung at St. Matthew's parsonage, showing founding families and their descendants. If you have old photographs, please consider donating these or allowing us to make copies for long term retention.

blank coat of arms black and white.jpg

Mulgrave-et-Derry Coat of Arms

In late 2022, a small team from the Historical Society concluded a lengthy project to design an official Coat of Arms, a Flag and Badge for the Municipality. Work was led by the Canadian Heraldic authorities. The results will be evident locally in the municipality in the coming years.


Oral Histories

A new initiative that will evolve speaking with local citizens to capture stories of days gone by. If you have a suggestion of someone to approach, or if some of your family members would like to share their memories of the past for posterity, please contact us.


Heirlooms from the early 1900s.  Furniture made by Karl Yank.

A unique feature of this furniture is that the year of manufacture was hand carved into each piece.

Parsonage Restoration

In 2003, some essential structural repairs were made and a ramp was built for the historic St. Matthew's parsonage, now 120 years old. The building was used as the parson's family residence until 1949, and since 2000, it serves to house local artifacts and photo collections as the Historical Society 'museum'.

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