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Rose Bush Corner



This site is located on the Blanche River Road, about 1.5 KM south of Burns Road.  It is located on the east side of the road and is best seen when travelling north. In the center of a curve, between the fence and a rocky knoll, there is a narrow cow path connecting two fields. The cow path and rocky knoll are full of rosebushes which apparently have always been there.  Catch the roses in bloom and you have a sea knoll of red and green.


The rose bushes are on the late Jimmy Miller’s farm, currently owned by his two sons, Richard and Philip. Jimmy’s daughter Gladys, who was a director of the Historical Society, told us that there had been a barn nearby and it was surrounded by roses. The barn is gone, and unfortunately Gladys passed away a few years ago, but the roses continue to grow; a fitting tribute to Gladys.

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