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Mielke Bridge



This bridge on Highway 315 crosses the Inlet River and was named for Albert Mielke who owned the farmland on which the bridge was built.  Albert had five children when his wife passed away.  Albert then married Olevia Teske who was a widow with four children.  Together they raised their children on the farm.  Albert’s children went to school near the Lutheran Church on Inlet Road.  To get there they had to walk over a mile through the bush, crossing a large mountain.  There was no road to walk on, but they still attended school throughout the winter.  Albert owned a sawmill and cut logs selling lumber for additional income.


Olevia’s son, Nelson and his wife Beverly (Brunke) took over the farm and raised their family of two, Gerald and Christine.  Gerald now owns and lives on the farm and raises beef cattle.  Beverly still lives in Albert’s house.  Gerald built his own house across the road from his mother’s home and lives there with his wife, Lynn.


Occasionally the spring flood causes problems at this bridge.  There have been times when the road, Highway 315, was closed for a day or more because the water was over the bridge and road.

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