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Adolph's Flat



This piece of the Inlet Road is between Gull Lake Road and St. Matthew Lutheran Church. It is a one half kilometer of flat road that borders on the farm that belonged to Adolph Achtell. Years ago, if you were travelling north on the Inlet road, you could see Adolph’s farm and house on the left hand side of the road. Today it is only visible from the Gull Lake Road as much of the farmland is reverting back to forest.


Adolph married a widow, Anne Mielke (née Belter) who had three children from her marriage to Paul Mielke. Adolph and Anne had one daughter.  Eventually they separated, with Adolph remaining on the farm.


Adolph enjoyed fishing the Inlet River and often ended up at the rapids below the Biehler home around noon. He would bring them a couple of nice fish and would then be invited for lunch.


Adolph’s brother Otto lived nearby and had nine children. His youngest son, Lorne married and raised four boys. Lorne and his wife Dell and their son Chris and his wife Jennifer have separate homes on the property. Lorne is the grandson of Karl Julius Achtell who came from Germany in 1865 and moved to the Inlet Road in 1878, where he farmed. 


Adolph’s farm changed hands over the years and is now owned by Eric and Rose McMillan. They are active members of the Historical Society.

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